Examples of PBL

For a concept of project-based learning that is so new and strange to most, it is apparent that examples of projects already carried out or ideas that could be implemented can be very helpful. Below are a collection of discipline oriented PBL examples carried out at schools. The difference between the projects below and those that students at university carry out is that, school projects are more teacher directed, unlike university students’ projects in which students are highly independent and self-directed.

Take time to scroll through the examples and check out those that interest you most.

1. Art project


2. Combining Art, Biology & Technology to promote blood banking


3. Combining Language Arts, History, Biology, and Media Literacy to learn about gender roles


4. Learning about role of TV by creating own ad campaigns


5. Students studying the effects of erosion and water quality


6. Learners learn how to grow and harvest vegetables with the help a gardener


7. Making learning products that teach the community something new


8. Students create electric guitars from scratch while learning the Physics concepts


9. A math project on board games to review concepts


10. An authentic project on how the U.S. sees itself and how the global community perceives the U.S.


11. Making math matter through concrete application – building a car


12. A project involving students, experts and community volunteers



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