Preparing for PBL

Project-based learning, for it to be effective and rigorous, requires the observation of certain essential elements. John Larmer of the Buck Institute of Education explains in this video


According to the the Project-Based Learning module, when embarking upon project-based learning, students need to follow the following steps (additional information have been added to help add depth to the procedure)

Students will:

  1. Identify a known learning need for themselves, other teachers, learners or the community
  2. Connect the learnining need to curricular/cross-curricular learning outcomes
  3. Identify a learning product that they will develop to address the identified learning need
  4. Explain the pedagogical/learning value of the product that they plan to develop
  5. Clarify the role of technology in the process of creating the product and in using it in lesson situations
  6. Submit a one page project proposal to the facilitator, containing the following headings:

The project proposal template has the following sections:

  • Introduction – stating the learning need and giving a background to how it was identified
  • What the problem is – learning need – Explaining the nature of the learning need, why it exists, who it affects, how and why
  • What is the significance of the problem? – Explaining why the identified learning need requires a solution
  • What is to be done about it – product – Stating the product to developed and describing the initial ideas about how would solve the identified learning need
  • Role of technology – Identifying the technologies to used to develop the product, then explaining what technologies are to be used when utilizing the product
  • What do you expect to learn from the project? – Initial ideas of the collective (group) learning benefits of the project

Here is the PROJECT PROPOSAL TEMPLATE is to be used


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