Forum for engagement

There is a need to have a forum that allows for student engagement with each other, with the coordinator, or with the lecturers. Many platforms are available but few are as effective and accessible as Facebook.

Therefore Facebook groups for each campus have been created to enable students to engage with each other and with the PBL coordinator in the process of carrying out their projects. Students need to have Facebook accounts for them to use this service. The following are the names and links of the Facebook groups for each of the four campuses. Students should join their respective campus groups. Students may already have created other Facebook groups but it is important that there are groups specifically for PBL.


The Campus-based Facebook groups

Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus: PBL In Education_Unam_HP

Katima Campus: PBL In education_Unam_Katima

Khomasdal Campus: PBL In Education_Unam_Khomasdal

Rundu Campus: PBL In education_Unam_Rundu


Rules on the PBL Facebook groups

These Facebook groups are strictly for engagement, discussions, sharing and queries on issues related to project-based learning only. Any activities unrelated to the course or the projects may lead to the removal of the person involved. So please do keep your usage of the group to the subject. Also all group members should abide to the normal netiquette of mutual respect and respectful engagement with one another. The normal off-line courtesy rules apply on-line as well.

Facebook groups and lecturers

Lecturers are encouraged to join the groups as well to observe students’ engagement and also respond to some queries or guide students when they can. If one has no Facebook account, I encourage the signing up with Facebook as it is a very handy way of reaching students and engaging with them.

Privacy on Facebook groups

There may be concerns about one’s use of personal Facebook account and the guarding their privacy. It is important to note that when you join a group, you DO NOT need to be a Facebook “Friend” of anyone on the group. Also no one on the group that is not your Facebook “Friend” can see your personal posts. You can also review your Facebook privacy settings if you feel insecure.

Engaging through the blog

Facebook groups aside, one can engage with the coordinator directly on this blog through the comment function, to ask questions or contribute perspectives.


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