Questions from lecturers

Q: What freedom do students have in terms of forming groups?

A: Students are free to group themselves and are allowed only to a maximum of three persons in a group. Students can work individually, in pairs and in threes. Although individual work is not encouraged, we know that certain persons can prefer this learning style. That said, the grouping can be cross-curricular or within the same majors or minors.

Q: Are the Pre, LP students bound to do projects in Numeracy or only in their specialisation?

A: No, Pre, LP students are not bound to Literacy and Numeracy topics, but as a Faculty we have placed focus on the two aspects due to research  and that there is a lack of these materials in the local languages. We would encourage more production of creative literacy and numeracy material, thus if students are not clear on their specific products or topics, then the lecturer can encourage them to do anything in literacy and numeracy.

Q: How should the lecturers’ support or facilitation be distributed? Is it general or a bit per subject expertise if it can work?

A: In the best case scenario, groups of students could be divided within a specific major and assigned to the specific major lecturer. However, we realize that this would not be possible, thus, division can be groups of student from a various majors or minors. This does not mean that lecturers will be facilitating the process less. The idea is that faculty should meet with the group members on a weekly basis. A set appointment time needs to be made. Most of the conversation will be from the students as they inform the faculty member of their progress and share the reflection of the process. They can ask questions which the lecturer need to respond to in guiding questions, meaning that in many cases the answers are to come from the students. It is their product and they need to take ownership. The idea is to get them to experience “real-life” or authentic learning with the lecturer as the guide (not dictator).
Q: After proposals have been collected from students, will these be forwarded to the Project Coordinator for final verification as per document?

A: In the initial visits to the colleges, I did suggest that the commitment page and project suggestions be sent IF the lecturer is unsure of the direction the students have chosen. This process might just be delayed if we decide to go this route. Therefore lecturers are encouraged to approve the project proposals and consult the PBL coordinator only in cases where they have serious reservations or uncertainty about the projects concerned.


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  1. Mathilde Shihako | Reply

    I like it very much. You are showing that Finland did a wonderful job. I will need help in creating a mail merge for the group of PBL students.

    1. Thanks. No problem, I will help with the mail merge when I come over. Which version of Office are you using – 2010 or 2013? You could try out YouTube tutorials, hopefully your internet speed is not frustrating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx6Ve-kwLxU

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