Assessment rubrics

The assessment of project-based learning takes place at various levels and is carried out by various stakeholders, namely

  1. The student him/herself
  2. Peers (fellow students)
  3. PBL facilitator (lecturer assigned to the group)
Student's self-assessment in the form of reflection

Student’s self-assessment in the form of reflection

The student writes weekly journal entries reflecting on the project implementation process. This is Students’ PBL fortnightly learning journal with guiding questions on what the student should focus on.



The PBL facilitator (lecturer) assesses (approves) students’ project plan. The PROJECT PROPOSAL APPROVAL RUBRIC  will be used for this purpose. However in the case of distance students, the project plan is approved through self-assessment which should be carried out in a group (all group members in the PBL group) using this tool: PBL Self-Assessment Checklist_Distance_Students. the Other assessment tools in the form of rubrics will be used to assess the project report and the final product. These are available below:

Project Product Assessment rubric_2014



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