What is PBL?

This is the basic question that one may ask in order to understand the concept of Project-Based Learning and how it can be successfully implemented.

The YouTube video below gives a simple description of what Project-Based learning is and how it can be used. Through watching the video, more questions can arise which can then help to start a further discussion on the topic.


In order to understand the concept of project based learning, it is as well important to make use of discussions on the web that are shedding light on the concept. Below are a list of websites with useful articles on the topic.

  • Project-based learning is a simple Wikipedia article on PBL. It addresses issues such as the definition, key learning theories on which it is based, its structure, the elements and features its made up of, some examples of PBL projects, the roles of students and instructors, learning outcomes and also some criticism leveled against PBL.
  • PBL? Am I doing it right? is an article offering features of PBL and how it differs from traditional teaching/learning methods. It helps one to understand by outlining the key elements of PBL and clarifying how effective PBL should be through using a continuum between most and least effective implementation approaches.
  • What is project-based learning? gives information regarding the overview, history, and the views of the experts and research on it.


But then what the difference between projects in  PBL and ordinary projects? TeachThought offers a good distinction between projects and project-based learning.


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